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Casa Nora

Casa Nora was a summer family home built at the end of 19th century. The old house was donated to Eleonora Putti, called Nora, by her father.

Casa Nora is located in Villanova di Castenaso, a little village in the Castenaso district, close to Bologna midtown and to the thematic food-park FICO.

In 2017 it was renovated paying attention to preserve its soul and bolognese countryside style.

Family pottery, some old furnitures, home kitchen, fireplace corner, beautiful garden create a cozy and countryside atmosphere close to the Red City!

My husband and me are Casa Nora’ owners. He manages bookings and makes little maintenance works in and around the casa, I organise kitchen and flours.

We’re supported by uncle Giuseppe, called Beppe, for garden and fruit trees works.

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